I have the most incredible family & job in the world…..I am married to my best friend Anne (1991) who I met in college at the big Liberty University and we have 2 awesome kids (Casey-18 and Mary-Michal 15) I pastor NorthStar Church in Kennesaw/Acworth, GA – without a doubt the most serving/loving church I have ever seen!! I have two hobbies that I enjoy: hanging out with my favorite 4 people in the world or being on a baseball field helping guys see how baseball can teach you huge things about life!



  1. mike

    i pray your doing well. question; are you guys still meeting once a month on thursdays? if you are, please let me know when snd where the next meeting is taking place.


    rick baldwin

  2. Dear Paston Linch:

    My husband and I have been searching for a church that truly loves God, isn’t afraid to raise their hands towards heaven during worship, and uses all of the gifts of the Spirit. Although we have found a church that fits that description, it’s just too far for us to travel and we’ve been looking more locally to the Acworth/Kennesaw area for a good church. From what I’ve seen on your web site, it’s quite informative and I get a good feeling from what I am reading.

    May I ask a few questions: do you encourage use of the gifts, esp. speaking/praying in a prayer language (tongues) or does your precepts discourage its use during church services (some do)? Do you preach on sin? Do you opening acknowledge that we are in the End Times? Do you believe in the Rapture and in particular take a pre-Trib position?

    We will be visiting North Star tomorrow morning at your 9:30 service, for the first time, and are looking forward to worshipping and praising our Lord Jesus as well as hearing your “Villian” message. We are hoping that we have found a church in yours in which we can grow and learn until His coming.

    God bless you and your congregation…
    B & F

  3. Hi there,
    I was just wondering if you wrote something like “as one working for the Lord” fro a bible study or something..there was a quote on there that said” What we do is not importans as who we do it for, amd and who we do it for should effect how we do it” nad it said- quoted by loca l pastor Mike Linch

    Something amazing happened to me this morning. I got up this morning and got ready for work and I didn’t read my bible and I was thinking in my head that I’ll just read something online when i get to work…Well, the Lord wouldn’t let that go so as soon as I walked out of my apartment and I was walking toward my car there was a pieces of paper 8×11 lying on the ground right next to my car on the driver’s side and I picked it up(i usually don’t pick up stuff from the street like that ) but I was just drawn to it. And it was bunch of bible verses on it. Paper was titled “As one working for the Lord”
    I read it on my way to work (not while driving 😉 on red lights only ) and it was just amazing…I prayed after I finished reading and thanked God for his love toward all of us.

    I just had to share it. Keep up the good work.

    Have a blessed day,

    z =) <

  4. Hey Mike, its Tiffany Thomas!! I meet with you at the end of the 5:00 service on sunday. I would like to meet with you and talk about becoming more involed with the church. I did the baseball buddies this past session (it was awesume) and I maybe doing some stuff with the book store,but i feel like i should be doing more. Im not sure. i have a story to share and would like to meet with you. Im not good about emails or checking my emails so the best way to contact me is my cell 404 444 8313. Hope everything is well, have a great day. P.S. SMILE

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