About Me

I have the most incredible family & job in the world…..I am married to my best friend Anne (1991) who I met in college at Liberty University and we have 2 awesome kids Casey & Mary-Michal!  I pastor NorthStar Church in Kennesaw/Acworth, GA – without a doubt the most serving/loving church I have ever seen!!  If I am in not my office or at home – you will most likely find me on a ball field somewhere!!  I serve as the Varsity Pitching Coach for Allatoona High School and the chaplain for Bucs football team in the fall!    Every early Sunday morning I lead a chapel service at LakePoint Sports Complex in Emerson, GA  I am honored to be a guest chaplain for the Atlanta Falcons and other NFL teams coming through ATL along with being a frequent speaker to many other athletic events:  GA Dugout Club All-Star Banquet, NW GA Senior Football Bowl, North Paulding High Coaches, KSU Football Coaches……


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