Impact 29

I remember distinctly the summer of 1988 – I was interning for my home church and the legendary student pastor, Hugh Kirby.  We had our huge camp, LifeWeek, that was coming up soon and I was playing a summer collegiate baseball league in Atlanta and had a full slate of games.  On a friday night Hugh informed me that he was leaving the next day for a camp at West Georgia College called Impact and that I was going to go with him to help him.  I kindly shared how much had to be done back at the church and my schedule and he kindly shared that he would see my on Saturday morning and to pack lots of red shirts for our color that week.

I had no idea what I was getting into but quickly learned that Impact wasn’t for the students that were arriving but rather it was for me.  I met tons of incredible leaders and made friends from all of over Georgia.  Now, here I sit today awaiting year 29 of this amazing camp.  I have watched thousands of lives changed and influenced during this phenomenal week (both of students in my student ministry to students from NorthStar to my own children).  There is something special about what God does here that I have not seen anywhere else.

I come back to Impact to pour into students and leaders but even more – I come back because I need it.  I need what God does in my life here.  Some of the top 10 moves of God in my life have occurred during this week.  Praying the same again this year!!  Now both of my kids are leaders here and I pray that their experience is a great as mine!!

Impact 29 – here I come!  Not as young as I was but ready for whatever is in store!!!


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