Happy Mothers Day to my two Ann(e)s!

I have led a blessed life in so many ways!!   As I look back at the incredible role my mom (Ann Linch) played and the unbelievable wife & mother that (Anne Linch) my wife is….I began to think about what it is that makes them both so special in their children’s lives!

Here are a few of their common traits:

  • Self-less……Always the last to eat making sure that everyone else is taken care of before they are.  Always the last to join the family after a meal because they are cleaning up after everyone.
  • Safe……I always felt growing up that my mom was the safest person in the world for me to share my life with.  I have watched my children pour their hearts out to Anne and her sit for minutes & sometimes hours listening to their joys and their hurts and feeling every emotion with them.  She has been and will always be their safe place.
  • Simple…..Both my mom & my wife are simple people.  No frills…not complicated…easy to please.  Their simplicity caused them both to never make life about them but rather always about others.
  • Sharing…….Generosity is a part of both of their lives.  Whatever we have is open & willing to be shared with other people.  Blessings are meant to passed on not to be held on to!  Whatever is shared will always come back another way!
  • Saved….The greatest gift these two ladies to their families was their faith.  There is no way that I could measure or count how many times my mom shared her “faith” with me and talked about how that played in real life.  My children have been so blessed to have a mom that has not only prayed over them but also was there all along the way to share her faith with them!

Thank you mom and thank you Annie for being the greatest moms on the planet!!!  I am so thanfkul that my life been blessed by the two of you!!!  Happy mothers day to my two Anne (s)!!!



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