Lessons for the Journey!

We just finished our study today through the life of Abraham with my executive small group!  Getting to see the high’s & low’s of this great leaders life was incredible.  We compared it to watching a Hall of Fame baseball player play every game.  You know they are good but you see their 0 for 5 days and remember their key errors that really hurt single games.  You forget that they ended up hitting over .300 for their career and really were one of the greats of their generation!  It is much like that when looking at a great character of scripture…..they have to finish the race for you to measure their impact!

Charles Swindoll ended his great work on Abraham by laying out these lessons:

  • Wherever God leads, FOLLOW!  The road may get windy & curvy at times but you will know that you are never alone for any part of the journey!!!
  • Whatever God promises, BELIEVE!  Nothing will develop your faith more than believing God for impossible things!  If we can do it or achieve it – there is no faith involved!
  • Whenever God tests, TRUST!  Know that God is always at work shaping your faith into what HE desires for it to be!  When the testing bears down on you – trust that His plan is always best and what He has for you is greater than anything that you could dream up for yourself!!  TRUST!
  • However God blesses, SHARE!  Don’t hold your blessings and keep them to yourself….remember where they came from and share them with others like they have been shared with you!  

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