How to survive a storm

We are in a series at NorthStar called “Forge”…..talking about how God uses things in our lives to FORGE our faith into what we need and what He desires it to be!!  This past Sunday I had the blessing to interview a couple that experienced a massive storm five years ago when they lost their son.  I can’t imagine going through what they went through but ….they are still walking!  Here are some of the lessons (from them) and from watching them……PRAY that this helps you through your storm:

  • At the end of the day it is about TRUST.  One of the things that they shared was that they had to trust that God was in control even when it appeared He was not.  This trust is just as important five years later as it was at the beginning.  The question is – do we trust Him or not?  Trust He knows something that we do not and we hold on to that!
  • Stay in the boat.  The disciples found themselves in a storm going across the lake and Jesus was not with them.  In the middle of the night – in the darkest of the storm He came to them walking on the water and they invited Him in the boat and He calmed them even before calming the storm.  One of the things that Pat, the dad, shared was that you can’t get out of the boat.  Even though you feel like waving the white flag and bailing – you have to stay in and keep going!  HUGE thought!  All of us want to quit and get out and ask God where in the world He is….fact is – we never will if we get out of the boat!
  • HOPE……Hope keeps us going.  Hope that the son they lost they will see again and HOPE that he is in a place that they are also going to.  Sherry, the mom, said “I can’t imagine going through this without faith & hope”…….Hope pulls us ahead and keeps us going!
  • Keep moving!  I have watched this precious couple and so many others like them go through a million different stages through their journey’s… is one thing that they have all had in common – they kept moving!  If you are in a storm right now – you will go through every emotion imaginable (frustration, loneliness, anger, questioning)….all of those are ok but you can’ t stay there!  God can handle your doubts and your questions…..just keep moving!  Move toward Him (even when you don’t feel like it)!!!



One comment

  1. Pastor Mike- I am eternally grateful that you stood right by me and my family when I first faced my “Storm”. Your unexpected Christmas Eve visit at Shepherd -was just the bridge that I desperately needed to begin to find a way back to deal effectively with my sudden paraplegia. It was your living example that helped lead me to the only proven effective method of rehabilitation and recovery- the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

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