Great tools to help you grow!

If you want to get better as a leader – you have to keep growing!!  The question is….how?  We are all busy…. we all have full calendars….So how do we take advantage of the time that we have??  Glad you asked – here are a couple of thoughts:

Technology is a beautiful thing.  We all have access to some of the brightest minds that are out there in our fields.  Use your drive time to listen & learn.  To make this happen – Stitcher radio has been my go-to.  Your favorite podcast can be put in your favorites list and then you can listen & grow while you drive.  It is incredibly easy to use and an unbelievable resource.  If you have to tune out before podcast is over, it holds your place until you come back!!  Love that!

Here are five of my favorites to listen to:

  • Carey Nieuwhof Leadership – Carey is not only a great leader but his guest list is incredible.  He asks great questions from some world renowned leaders.  It is updated weekly and it is SOLID!
  • Andy Stanley Leadership – Andy is the best in the business.  His mind for leadership is respected not only in the church world but also in the business world.  Each episode is a keeper!
  • EntreLeadership   – Dave Ramsey’s team does a super job putting together a challenging weekly podcast.  Ken Coleman is a great host and always is well informed and ask great questions of his guest.  Also included are Dave Ramsey clips of his challenges to his team and they provide great fuel to any leader!
  • Vanderbloemen Leadership – William is the leading mind in the area of helping staff churches through the Vanderbloemen search group.  He uses this influence in  connecting with some of the sharpest leaders in the church world and giving you access into their leadership platform!  Excellent listen!
  • Rainer on Leadership – Thom Rainer from Lifeway does an excellent job helping pastors as they navigate the journey of pastoring & leading!!  Great thought leader!

There are tons more that I listen to and enjoy but these are my go to’s each week!    Hope this helps you on your leadership journey!


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