Rearview Mirror

As I look back on the past week, I have so many things that I have learned and am thankful for…..Here is what I learned:

  • Easter 2016 was amazing!!!  Still getting notes and text about what God did!!  So thankful He didn’t stay in the tomb!!!  People are still finding LIFE today because of what He did!
  • Our executive pastor, Daniel Hoover, did a great job bringing our staff together (after a much needed day off monday) and celebrating over a Waffle House breakfast!!  While we ate, everyone shared about what they saw God do over Easter week in someone else’s ministry…..was awesome to hear everyone celebrate with each other!!  Great job leading by Daniel and great job by our team!!  Feel so blessed to serve alongside them!
  • Greatest line of Easter was posted by a precious family at NorthStar…..the mom asked her little boy what he learned in church on Sunday Morning and this precious 2 year old said,”he gone!” and then he said “but it ok, he back!”  Love it!!  Thank you Candi for putting this out – made my day!!
  • Our Canadian Ranger couple who came to know Christ through Thom & Sue Godley – invited another gentleman who lives nearby to watch the Easter service with them and he asked Jesus in His heart and made Him “his friend”…….unreal!!!  So thankful people give to give us the opportunity to offer the online services!  More on this to come!
  • Spent the day on Wednesday at the Oxford Center  “CEO Roundtable”.  Cliff Oxford leads this tremendous organization and does an amazing job “pushing the pushers”.  To say that I feel “out of my element” is an understatement but I love my time at each event.  Great thought leaders in business who are pushing the envelopes in their industry.  The meeting was the new Porsche Headquarters by the Atlanta Airport… was an incredible experience!  More to come in future blogs on what I learned!  Huge thanks to fellow NorthStar friend, Mike Russell, who invited me to get involved!
  • On the baseball end – the Allatoona Buccaneer Varsity baseball that I help coach has been on a great run!  Finished the USA baseball invitational with 3-1 record and finished in the top 4 teams out of the 16 at the tourney.  16-2 on the season and really coming together as we approach the end of the season.  Love the coaches & players I get to serve with every evening.
  • Excited to get some “down time” the coming week and unwind a little!   Got a few projects that I want to dream about and need to get some space to do that!  Can’t wait!
  • Just sent our student team off on their spring break mission trip!  Praying for safe travels as they travel to Vermont!  Thankful for Robby, Tre, Tricia & Jordan who are helping lead the week!

It’s been a great week!  Can’t wait to see what’s in the windshield ahead!


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