5 things a pastor thinks after Easter!

I have had the blessing of being in ministry since 1991 and being a senior pastor since 2003.  On the Monday after Easter – here are some thoughts & questions:

  1. Why can’t every Sunday be like yesterday?  Whether we want to admit it or not, we wonder where all of those people go the next week!!!  We had three extra service times, two new venues that were full along with our normal two service times with two live venues open.  We had a total of 9 different options and were slammed throughout the weekend!!  It was awesome!!!   I love how our people invited their friends to the “never too late” weekend….praying that EVERY Sunday will be like yesterday!
  2. What if every Sunday received that much attention to detail?  Our team at NorthStar put in some incredible time (over & above) what they normally do each weekend to make Easter happen!  Adding extra venues, hospitality, officers for traffic, shuttling, extra day (saturday) and it came off flawlessly!  Regretfully – I was out of the office all week last week and our team knocked it out of the park getting things prepped & ready!  I wonder if we planned each weekend to that degree, if results may be different for all of us??  
  3. Man….I am exhausted!  I think I speak for every pastor when I say, you are not only physically tired but emotionally spent as well!!  When you realize the magnitude of the day and the story you are telling and also that many people attending may have never been before – you feel the pressure of the stakes being higher!  I normally am up at early on Monday morning but today I am dragging and feel depleted of “extra” energy!    You don’t want to have the biggest day of the year and not be on your game – I guess there is part of the “high” of Sunday becoming the “low” of Monday!
  4. Love reading what God did!!!  It is awesome that we have access to social media and email and are able to see notes and receive notes about the amazing things that God did in others lives!  I can’t get enough of hearing about people stepping across that line of faith….Keep them coming!
  5. Unity of Churches!  Starting last week there was not a day that would go by I would not get a note from a local pastor letting me know that they were praying for me & NorthStar!!  Huge!  I do wonder – what if we were all that diligent each week to reach out & pray for each other and our churches!  I feel so blessed to serve in an area we are all in this thing together!!  We all realize that more people DON’T go to church than go to any of our churches and we can’t do it ALONE!

Thank you Jesus for Easter and for your resurrection!!  I pray that daily I live in that “resurrection” power!!!


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