The worst – best week ever

I can’t imagine the emotions of Jesus 2000 years ago this week.  Knowing that what began as the best week was about to turn into the worst week.

  • A friend would betray you
  • Your closest allies would deny you and hide
  • You would be falsely accused
  • You would be beaten beyond recognition and then hung up on a cross for the world to see
  • You would be laid in a tomb that you or your family didn’t even own

Ever had a week that bad…..highly doubt it but we have all had “best – worst” weeks haven’t we?  Things can change on a dime.  If we leave the story at the tomb – it stays the worst week.  But………the best/worst week actually finished with the BEST day ever!!

HE got up and walked out of the tomb – conquering what no other person could accomplish…..death!

Now – no matter how “worst” your life may get at times, His defeating death is always there to remind you that the BEST is still in store for you!!!  Hang on buddy – the stone won’t stay there long!!!


One comment

  1. Mike, What timing for this email! Celebrating our savior obviously best because eternity is sealed. Also honoring my moms (5 years ago) and brother Brian’s (30 years ago) passing. Small suffering compared to the Kings

    Scott Kranick Executive Vice President Sales Stonhard Co inc 678-576-1844 Sent from my iPhone


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