Full Circle

Yesterday was a day I will never forget!  Casey & I were able to drive 8 hours and surprise my sweet girl on her birthday!  I will never forget it as long as I live!  The irony is the spot that we surprised her has been the spot of some of life’s best day’s and some of life’s worst days.

At this spot:

  • Said goodbye to my mom & dad in August of 1987 and watched them drive away and it hit me, I was 8 hours from home and did not know a soul or have a car to escape!
  • Sat on a bench and stared out over a baseball field realizing my “baseball playing” career was over and I had no clue what life held next
  • Asked Anne to marry me and knew I was in for life’s best journey yet!
  • Went & prayed after saying goodbye to Casey and feeling my heart being torn out
  • Talked to Mary-Michal while on her visit about this being the place that God was calling her to spend her next 4 years
  • Walked by while dropping her off and the reality that Anne & I were going home to an empty house without our beautiful ray of sunshine being there
  • Surprised my girl on her 19th birthday with the help of her beautiful LU friends!

What a picture of life….the highs & the lows….the goods & the bads…..In the moment, we cannot judge what God is up to – we have to let life continue and see what He has in store!  In His amazing timing and plan – He always brings the best out of the worst.

The children of Israel always named places where God showed up and met them and left memorial stones so they would never forget.

This spot is I will call my “full circle”…..God’s story isn’t over so I can’t stop here!


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