It’s the little things….

Isn’t it funny in life how we always focus on the big things that make us or break us.  We prepare…we plan..we execute strategy for the big things and often let the little things slip through the cracks.  The irony is that it is the little things that will make us or break us!  It is true in every area of our lives – professionally and personally.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • Jobs – we focus on the big project and making sure it is done just right but are always delayed in returning calls and emails and wonder why we don’t advance and continue to move up……it’s the little things – not just the big things
  • Sports – we are the “game-time” people.  Love the crowd, love the intensity of the contest but we don’t prepare.  We skimp on our workouts, come up short on our sprints and fall short in the classroom and typically one of those things takes us away from being our best on the field when the “lights are on”…’s the little things – not just the big things
  • Marriage – we plan great vacations & trips….we buy great gifts but… to day, we forget to be kind.  We focus on work while home and never “engage” mentally when we walk in the door.  We eat in our “comfy” chair in front of the tv and then wonder later why we don’t connect like we used to.  The day to day stuff is never the focus and in the end it’s the day to day stuff that burns us……it’s the little things – not just the big things
  • Parenting – we save our money for their college, get them their favorite phone, give them their space and let them hide away in their rooms since they really don’t want to talk.  We will give them a great car at 16 and trip at 18 and really connect then…..then it comes and we realize that our relationship is not what we hoped it would be…….it’s the little things – not just the big things
  • Spiritually – we love the big service…great concert or retreat but miss time in our day to day journey with the Lord and wonder why our “faith” doesn’t look like some others that seem so much stronger…’s the little things – not just the big things

I could go on & on with examples of how this plays out in our lives!  Let’s make the “little things” big in our lives this week!  I believe what we will all find is that the little things prepare us for being ready for the big things!   I remember a quote my pastor & mentor, Ike Reighard, used to share when I was growing up –

“The great doors of opportunity swing on the little hinges called obedience”

Let’s do the little things and see what happens!!!


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