Happy birthday Anne Linch!

I loved her since the first time I saw her walking the campus at Liberty University!  How did I know…no clue….just did!!  Little did I know that the unbelievably gorgeous girl on the outside that I saw, was even more beautiful on the inside!!   Over 25 years around someone usually allows you to see all of someone’s flaws but the more I am around her – the more incredible she becomes!!  She has stuck beside me during times that I felt like I had let the world down.  She was the most incredible mom to Casey & Mary-Michal while they were growing up and now is the one that they want to talk to during life’s biggest obstacles & decisions.  After a crazy long day yesterday, she was upstairs having a dance party with three college girls at 10:30pm!!  (I for some reason was not invited)!!!!  She is without a doubt the most self-less person I know….her life is about making other lives better!!

Happy birthday Anne Linch!!!  Today is not St. Patties day…..today is YOUR DAY!!  Thanks for making my life so incredible!!!


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