“I love to watch you play”


College athletes asked what their parents said that made them feel great: Their overwhelming response: “I love 2 watch u play.”


I have been a part of a lot of ballgames through the years both as a participant, a coach & as a parent!   I now get to coach as a fun hobby in the evenings with an incredibly talented group of high school baseball players.  Through the years I have seen some parents do it right and some do it dreadfully wrong when it comes to games and their sons.  Sadly, when my son was growing up, there were times I did it right and times I did it terribly wrong!  As someone who is on the other side now – can I offer some advice to parents whose children are playing…..Enjoy it!    Let them know that you enjoy “watching them play”!

The reality is that 99% of the young men playing little league, travel, high school or college baseball are not going to make the MLB.  Since that is the case, let the coaches/instructors help them and relax and enjoy the experience of the game!  Sadly, I have watched so many times a parent standing by the fence or sitting nearby at a high school or travel game and the their player on the field can’t take their eyes off the them.  As soon as they make a mistake they immediately look into the bleachers to see the response.  Can I just say – this never turns out well.

Let’s try something different – let’s try being their biggest encourager and fan!  Life & baseball are not always going to go our way.  We are not always on the lineup card…we sometimes throw bad pitches….we sometimes make mistakes no matter how good our intentions were.  Therefore, let’s practice what God has already done & shown us how to do.  Let them know you LOVE them unconditionally and that though we all get wrapped up in this game on the field and in life, you are in the corner no matter and “YOU LOVE WATCHING THEM PLAY!!”  There are others that can help with the game and coaching them…..just enjoy!!   It goes quickly…trust me – I know that one and you will want those times back!




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