A lesson in faith

Today is one of my favorite days of the week!!!  Every other tuesday for the past 12+ years I have been leading an “executive bible study” with an incredible group of men!  They are all super sharp in their different fields and I always LOVE our time together.  We have studied the lives of: David, Paul, Moses, Joshua, Jesus and now Abraham ….among many other things through the years!!  We have watched these people in scripture and tried to learn from their lives, so we can apply their lessons to our lives and learn from their goods & bads!

As we got ready to dive in this morning, one of our guys shared how he had a major fire in a storage area at his house yesterday and had lost tons of “things.”  He said that he stood there watching the blaze realizing all of the things that were inside was only “just stuff”.   I sat speechless….not at the fire but at his perspective.  He gets it.  He understands!

Needless to say today that no one will remember what I taught but everyone will remember the example that he set!!

Thanks Jim for living out the faith that we have been reading about!


One comment

  1. I couldn’t have said it better. Without question, God used Jim Boyd to all of us this morning. Amazing.

    Troy Adams 770-241-9431


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