Holy ground moments

We began a summer series at NorthStar through the life of Moses a few weeks ago.  Moses had a lot of ups & downs in his journey with the Lord but there was one day that everything changed for him.  On his 14,600th day of tending sheep for his father in law, God spoke to Moses from a burning bush.  The phrase. “take off your sandals this is Holy Ground” is one that I have heard a ton through the years.  What made the ground holy was not the place but rather that the presence of God was there and recognized.

As I look back on my life, I have had a few “holy ground” moments where I really feel like God was speaking to me directly!  The sad part is that I wonder how many I could have had but was too busy and walked right by the bush that was burning!  The location was not holy by itself, it was “holy” because the Lord was there.

Here are some lessons I learned from my “holy ground” moments:

  • I was unplugged from distractions (email, cell, etc)
  • I was seeking a word from Him
  • My heart was open
  • I was in His word!
  • My obedience was always tested!

I pray that we all notice and see the presence of the Lord as we live out our lives daily!!  I think He desires those “conversations” more than we think He does!!!


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