My thoughts on Coach Mike Smith

As a fan, I realize that the last two seasons have been rough one’s and certainly not what you expect from the organization that you believe in.  I know that many fans are piling on and asking to clean house and remove Coach Smith as the head coach.  I wanted however to write and share some other thoughts not only as a fan but someone who has had the blessing to be around the team consistently since 2008 as a visiting chaplain:

  • Coach Smith is a good man.  A man who loves his players, respects his organization and loves this city.  He treats the players with respect and dignity.
  • He treats the players like men…not college kids.  He handles himself on & off the field with class and has spent more seasons winning in ATL than any other coach in the organization’s history.
  • He is a steadying hand.  The players love this man and for the organization to continue to build – a steadying force at the helm is huge.  As a life-long Falcon fan – I still remember Leeman Bennett being let go and it took years to get back to where he had the team.
  • There are lot’s of coaches with great schemes of x’s & o’s but to find someone who leads as well as coaches is a rare find.
  • It would be easy for him to be defending himself in the media and talking about the injuries and draft picks that did not pan out.  However, he is a leader and he does not do that.  He takes responsibility and shelters the team & others.
  • He is a man who holds his faith to be important and uses it to guide his journey and life.
  • He has helped build a culture of excellence that you can feel when you walk in the team hotel or training camp
  • He is a man that I would jump in line to follow any day and I believe the players feel exactly the same way.

I don’t know what the future holds for Coach Smith but I hoping that he is at the helm of the team next season.  I believe that great days are still ahead and with the right pieces in the right spots we will look back a year from now and be thankful for his steady hand leading the way!!!


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