Be Strong in Heart!

We all know where physical strength comes from but how do we build inner strength?  The kind of strength it takes to breed courage and stave away fear?  It is so possible to be physically strong but inwardly weak.  When God told Joshua to be “Be strong & courageous”…..I truly do not think He was speaking of physical strength but it was an inward strength that comes from a depth that can’t be measured.  Here are a few ways to be strong in heart:

  • Ground yourself deeply in God’s word!  When you hide away His truths and you see His faithfulness to others throughout the course of time….it deepens your roots in Him
  • Pray.…..Remind yourself “moment by moment” and “day by day” that it is in His hands and not yours!  When we pray we are reminding ourselves that we are dependent on Him!  If I am not praying – I am worrying and worrying is saying that it is up to me!  This causes a weak heart.
  • Connect with other believers.  Everytime you see God at work in their life – you are reminded that you are not alone and that God is still in the business of working in lives.
  • Trust & Obey…..The greatest way we learn to be strong in heart is to “trust” and make a move.  If we only read & watch and never trust & obey – we will find ourselves staying in the starting blocks.  God is waiting on us to move ahead and to trust & obey what He has told us to do!  I build strength everytime I do what He has said to do!

Let’s this week – “Be strong & courageous”


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