People matter to God!

We have been going through Luke 15 on Sunday mornings at NorthStar in our “Home” series.  As I have spent the last few weeks living in those passages (The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin & The Lost Son) I am overwhelmed with what overwhelms our Heavenly Father.  Somewhere along the way we make things so complicated and even make church complicated at times.  The reality is that what matters to God is simple… is people.  Specifically lost people….:Some that are lost because of just “wandering away”, some that are lost through no fault of their own and some that their own selfish/foolish choices have caused them to be away…..  No matter the reason why, they ALL matter to their Heavenly Father!  He desires their hearts to “come home”!  I pray that I never forget that!  Whether I am working and meeting with a business leader or a young couple about to get married or I am on a ballfield with a coach or athlete….they ALL matter to God and He put me in their way for a reason!

May what matters to God matter to us!


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