Helping people find their way home……


We are coming off one of our greatest weekends in the history of NorthStar!!!  I was able to share with our people about our mission “to help people find their way home”.  It was an awesome & unforgettable morning!!  The day was capped off with 97 people being baptized in the lake….it was incredible!!!  Our team went above & beyond the call of duty transforming our campus & building to get ready for the morning and the weekend… thankful to serve with such amazing people!!  Cannot wait to see all that is ahead!  

Praying that I use my life and help those around me….“find their way home”!!!





  1. Mike, I have no doubt you will be successful in helping people find their way home! You were called for this profession and you are very good at it! We are so thankful to know you and your #1 Mentor, Ike.

  2. Pretty Cool Man! And for the record… you are on my radar! Love you and miss you all. Thanks for always helping me “find my way home”… NorthStar will always be just that!

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