Lessons learned from a week in Haiti

I just returned from my second NorthStar medical mission trip to Haiti.  We had an amazing team of people who served over 700 people in four days.  Two doctors, one dentist & hygeniest and nurses teamed up to give their amazing talents away to bless those who may never see a doctor any other way.  The rest of our team pitched in to fill the holes to make the week happen…loving on kids and selflessly serving in whatever way they might be needed!  I am so thankful for the experience and for our awesome team!

Here are 5 lessons I learned:

  1. I have so much to be thankful for!  It is so easy to look at what you don’t have but forget how blessed we truly are in America!  
  2. Physical needs are huge to take care of but I am so thankful we have a church on the ground there in Port Au Prince to take care of the spiritual needs as well!  
  3. Even after a few days – you can leave part of my heart with three young men.  I enjoyed hanging with each day!  I expected a ton from them helping me and they performed at the level I expected!  I am praying that they will live up to what I know that they can be!  Love those boys!   Pray for Peterson, Eve & Dooley!  
  4. There is no place like home!  I missed my family terribly and was so ready to get home to see them!
  5. NorthStar Church has the most amazing people in the world!  To see doctors, nurses, school teachers, principals and other professionals put their egos aside to do whatever it takes to serve others was incredible to watch and to be a part of!!

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