Rearview Mirror: FCA, Beach Week, Etc

What an amazing week I just experienced!  I was able to be reminded first hand that God is working and moving in the lives of students!  Here a few of the most amazing things I witnessed:

  • Went with our NorthStar students to our first ever beach week with Journey Church in Fernandina Beach, FL!  We saw 13 of our students accept Christ and many others turn their lives over to the Lord.  Huge start to what is up with our NSCY team!!  Dallas White our high school pastor did an amazing job putting the week together and our adult leaders were incredible pouring in to the lives of students!
  • Honored to meet and connect with Dr. Alvin Reid who did an awesome job pouring in to the lives of our students.  His lines of the week “He died to not make bad people good but rather to make dead people alive”  “What makes your hearts break & your fist clinch?”  “Learn to gaze at God and glance at your circumstances”
  • Was able to get home in time for friday of FCA football camp at the University of West Georgia.  Seeing hundreds of these young men take the step of faith and give their hearts to Jesus was huge!  Got to see players from:  Allatoona, North Cobb, North Paulding, East Paulding, Harrison & North Cobb Christian.  So thankful for their awesome coaches who love these young men and pour into their lives!  
  • Loved seeing NorthStar coaches at camp: Coaches:  Varner, Anderson, Hubinger,  Clark, McGehee, Ryle, Parker, Edwards & Rahn!  So thankful for and proud of them!

Blackaby said in Experiencing God to “See where God is at work and get in on it”…..He is at work in the hearts and lives of students!  Count me in!

  • Got to be a part of the Allatoona huddle and hear these players open up their lives and share what God was laying on their hearts!  Was the perfect finish to the week!

One comment

  1. Mike, I was surprised and thrilled to learn that a Youth Worship Leader comes to NorthPaulding
    School once a week for inspiration and to “connect” with the students. Our 12 year old grandson was saved at one of these classes. I was not aware that the school “could” have a
    class such as this and am hopeful that this is just the beginning of getting “God” back into our schools! He has now been baptized and we are so
    amazed that the experience happened at this class at his school. Although he has been in church all his life; I know there must be kids who are not and who may be inspired by these classes to follow Christ. Thank you, Mike, for sharing. Always look forward to your posts.
    June King

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