Rearview Mirror …..5 Things I loved & learned this past week!

Before the weekend gets going – wanted to reflect back on this past week…..

1.  It’s summer but things around NorthStar are on the fast track!!  Weekend crowds have been huge for summer and we are gathering a ton of momentum heading into fall!!  Unveling some things that I can’t wait to share with everyone!!!

2.  The blog post “The Talent no once can see” that I shared this past Monday must have really connected with some people…over 1000 views over three days.  By far the most I have ever had.  So thankful for all of those who took the time to read!  I will be writing a new leadership post each monday that will hopefully add value to leaders of all shapes & size (business owners, coaches, parents, athletes)…..

3.  Finished prepping this week to teach student govt & athletic leaders from North Cobb High School!  Over 60 students, coaches & administrators will be coming to the NorthStar campus for a day of leadership development!!  Can’t wait to have Dr. Page and his amazing leaders!  Praying this will be a model that other schools will implement & follow in the years to come!  Great stuff!!

4.  Got to wish my dad a happy birthday on July 10!!!  So thankful for his huge influence over my life through the years!

5.  Nothing like seeing a packed out True North room as the NorthStar Haiti mission team of 30 people were joined by the prayer partners to worship and pray over them and their trip!!  God has some huge things in store for this team!!!  Please join me and pray that God will use them in great ways the next two weeks!

God is so faithful!



  1. Dr. Page or “Coach Phil” is one of Savanna’s softball coaches. What a small world, his daughter is an outstanding player. Ask him how the Fire is doing. Out of town at CABA WOOD BAT in Charleston. Laid an egg in WWBA didn’t make bracket play. See ya soon.

    Troy Adams 770-241-9431


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