The talent no one can see…..

Last evening, Casey & I sat in the bleachers surrounded by college coaches & MLB scouts watching the top 17u talent in the country at the Perfect Game World Wood Bat tourney.  There were stop watches, clipboards & lots of radar guns.  When a hitter would swing the stick or cut loose his fast ball from the mound, there was lots of writing going on…..some good & bad I am sure!  Having sat on the other side of that fence as a player, I know how daunting that feeling is trying to impress these guys with your physical skill & talent….it can be nerve racking!

However, after being around the game of baseball & sports in general for a long time, I have learned that there is no device to measure one of sports greatest tools and that is HEART.  You only see it when you watch someone when no one is looking, in the off-season when guys are cutting things short and this guy just keeps pushing as if the whole world is watching.  When adversity hits and packing up and heading home seems easiest….the heart shows up and pushes through.  A  guy with heart never stays down long – they always bounce back!  I so wish I could create an instrument to measure it, but I can’t and most likely no one ever will!

The funniest thing is that God is the only one who can truly see it.  In fact, He said of the greatest King Israel ever knew, David…..1 Sam. 16:But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but theLord looks at the heart.”  

We may not be able to compete with others on the guns & stop watches…but we can all have a heart that God is looking for!!  What does that heart look like…..

  • One that is Available for God to use
  • One that believes God has our best interest in mind no matter the circumstance
  • One that remembers that our life & actions truly matter for eternity!
  • One that plays for an audience of ONE…who loves us & never takes His eyes off of us!

Praying we all PRAY & LIVE with heart!!!




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