Thankful for the Cross

Today I am doing some final reading for my messages this Sunday & for Easter!  So much happened on the cross and in the following three days that are life giving.  To know the story is awesome – to live the story it is amazing!  I know He broke the power of sin & death….I know that He was forsaken by God on the cross so I would not have to be!  Incredible things to know!

In just a few minutes I will gather with a precious family that just lost their father.  An awesome man who loved his family and was loved by His family.  As heartbreaking as this day is – BECAUSE of the Cross & the Empty Tomb – they will see their dad again!  Because Jesus conquered his sin and his being separated from God and he accepted what was done for him – their dad now lives forever in Heaven with the ONE who died in His place!  

I can’t wait to get to be with thousands on Easter to share the awesome story of what Jesus did for us – but today I am thankful I get to stand with this family and share with assurance that they WILL get to see their dad again… a much better place!

UNCommon Hope!



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