Rearview Mirror

Last week was one of the most restful weeks that I have had in a long time!!  I did my best to unplug and just enjoy being out of town!  My rearview mirror is full of;  great family time… sunshine….beaches…baseball fields and great memories!  Not a lot of spectacular things to report….just back & re-energized!!  Team went 3-1 in a prestigious high school baseball tourney.  The team took down the #2 team in USA today (Sarasota) in a huge 1-0 victory.  Enjoyed watching the guys pull out two late inning wins!!

Drove back in from FL late last night and was able to attend NorthStar as an attender today!!  It was awesome!  The message was awesome and the worship in the connections venue was fantastic!!!  Thoroughly enjoyed just worshipping and hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world!!

Excited to get back at it next week!!!


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