Rearview Mirror

  • Heard nothing but great things about the services at NStar this morn!!  So awesome to be out and not have a worry in the world about what is happening!!!  Love the team I serve with!
  • First day in a long time that I put my phone down and checked every couple of hours not every couple of minutes!  Long overdue! 
  • Had a great time this past thursday walking around downtown Kennesaw with a local business man who has a heart for the city like nothing I have ever seen!!  Praying that God uses NStar to be a catalyst for change in both of our local cities!  Praying for what that will look like in the years to come!
  • Hosted local middle school principals for a lunch and had a great time listening to their heart for their students and for the teachers they serve with!!!  Always an honor to find out how we as a church can be praying for & serving them!!  
  • Chris Boggess and our middle school ministry hosted a FLY event on Campus and had 30 decisions for Christ!!  SO awesome!
  • Talked through our Easter services with our team… excited for what God is going to do!
  • The Bucs baseball team pushed our record to 12-0.  Big opponents down in FL this week!!  Will find out what we are made of!

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