Rearview Mirror

  • Wrapped up our “UnCommon King” series this morning!   
  • My favorite take-away from the message was that…Jesus kept going because the “pain was worth the prize”.  We are the prirze.  We are why He kept going to the cross and endured the pain.  Don’t understand it….never will!!  I am sure thankful for it!
  • Took an awesome NStar couple out to dinner tonight to thank them for what they mean to Anne & I and to NorthStar!!!  We are so blessed to have so many amazing couples like them that make NStar happen!!!
  • Got a note tonight about a young lady that accepted the Lord this morning in our elementary ministry class “We Believe”.  There is a picture of her holding her letter from the day she was dedicated and we prayed over for “this” day!!!  LOVE IT!!!!
  • Connected last week with some awesome leaders who I gained so much wisdom from while meeting!  
  • Highlight of last week was the birthday on Saturday of my little girl who turned 17!  Mary-MIchal brings so much joy & happiness to our lives!!  I respect her walk with Christ so much!!  She is a blessing to us & so many!!!  
  • Our baseball team continued our winning ways – moved our records to 9-0 with 2 big comeback wins to close out the week!  Love watching these guys pull together to make it happen!



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