A note for all pastors wives…..pastors should read too!

Today is my wife’s birthday!  We have been married 22 years and have endured the ups & downs of life in ministry!  I have been a youth pastor, associate pastor & senior pastor.  We have two children who are 19 & 16.  As I look back on full time ministry (which started in July 1991) and on marriage (October 1991) here are some thoughts about the role Anne has played.

If there had been a poll in high school for the most likely to NOT marry a pastor…Anne would have probably won that!!!  However, she is the perfect person that God had for me to walk through this crazy life!  Here are my favorite things about her:

  • She’s my biggest fan, even when I know I have screwed up something!  The world at times may not be high on me but she always is!  
  • She is easy.  Anne requires no “maintenance”.  When I walk in the door at home – it is a PEACEFUL place!!  It is my favorite part of the day!
  • She loves our children and sees them as her greatest ministry!  As we now enter the backend of the teenage years – I see the return of the amazing investment she made in them through the years.  Her kindness, gentleness and easy spirit is lived out daily in the both of them.  As they grew up – she made pouring into their lives a priority!  
  • She never turned our children against the church.  I am sure there were times that she was frustrated with something that we may have been going through at the time but she never used it as a platform to share with Casey & Mary-Michal.  She kept “church” as a place we worshiped on the weekends regardless whether I worked there during the week or not.
  • She never down-talks me to her friends or others.  Anne & I made a deal early in our marriage that we would only speak kindly of each other to others….we would never make the other the “butt” of the joke.   I never worry when I am around her family or friends that she is “wearing me out” when I am not around.
  • We are in it together.    It is a team game.  We make each other stronger & better!  

I am so thankful that God brought her to my side for this journey!  I pray every pastor is as blessed as I have been for the past 22 years to have someone with them that is not only their biggest cheerleader but their best friend!!!  I could not do what I do without her!!



  1. Mike, You are blessed to have found your soul mate; I feel the same about my Max! And, I can tell you raising kids is sometimes a challenge (as they didn’t come with instructions!) but as they grow and mature, you realize you did right by always praying over them and diving in their lives at the time when they needed it most. Also, from experience, Mike…there’s a life after kids. Max and I are on a continued honeymoon after the kids moved out and on with their lives. We still enjoy their visits, and of course the priceless grandchildren…but Max and I are even more
    devoted to each other than we were those 55 years ago when we married! You are doing everything right, keeping your priorities in order, and God is blessing you beyond your wildest dreams! We are glad to know you.
    Love, June & Max King

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