5 Things I love about innovators

This morning I had the privilege to do a video podcast with Rich Birch from Unseminary.Com and Liquid Church.  Rich is an innovator who has creatively designed a tool to help church leaders be better at what they do, no matter where they are!  As we finished up the interview – here are 5 things that struck me about Rich and other leaders that are innovators:

  1. They don’t just see what IS, the see what could BE!  The easiest thing to do is to look out and replicate what others are doing.  Rich and others see ideas that are being done and they leverage technology and or resources to create a new platform!  
  2. They do not claim to be experts.  I love the model Rich has created with his podcast interviews.  He finds people that are doing something creative in their field and finds out from them their passion & heart behind it!  So many times we don’t step forward because we are not experts, but the reality is that holds back from doing something we could do!
  3. They make others better.  Because of their innovation, others benefit!  We are blessed with;  new thoughts, new ideas, new discoveries…..Fact is we are better because an innovator did something!!!
  4. They are willing to fail.  Innovators realize that failure may happen!  They understand that not every idea works but…..when one does – it can be special!  Therefore they give it a shot and see if it will stick!
  5. They are lead learners.   What drew them to their idea is they have an insatiable appetite to grow & get better!  They recognize that leaders are learners.  They just don’t just throw a platform out and expect it will stick – they have constantly learn & grow to stay ahead!  The result….they are blessed & so are others!

Thank you Rich and all thank you all other innovators for making our journey’s better because of your innovations!!!


One comment

  1. Mike, I loved this…as you can imagine. It is so “Mary Kay”! We lean on each other and inspire each other. Everyone who has a new idea shares it so we can all try it! In MK, it’s called the “go give spirit”! I share your enthusiasm for “soaking up” ideas from others in your field. It shows in your sermon delivery and it shows in your every day life. I so admire you for that.
    June King

    P.S. Have you ever read “Have you earned tomorrow?” I have used it for many years to get
    my team thinking about how precious each day is and. I’ll send you a copy if you would like!
    Mary Kay, being a strong Christian, started this company 50 years ago based on Christian
    principles…the Golden Rule being our guide!

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