Rearview Mirror

  • Was honored to be a part of speaking to the first ever FCA “lead-off” dinner at NorthStar!  Coach Chris Stafford did an amazing job pulling together five teams from region 5 in 6A and creating an opportunity to share what really matters most with these young men!!  Around 200 young men attended the event!!!  Image
  • Had a blast at Velocity 14.  Enjoyed listening to Dave Ferguson & Shawn Lovejoy.  Was challenged in my walk and about making sure that my own gauges are in the right spot!  
  • Enjoyed teaching the breakout and met some great leaders – had a blast talking about “finishing” the vision that God has given you!  Brian Dodd, a great friend from the Rocket Company, was kind enough to sit in and capture some of the thoughts in his blog.
  • Highlight of the day was seeing three young men who I knew while I was a youth pastor.  Jeffrey Melvin, pastor of First Impressions, at Mountain Lake and Adam Bishop, Executive Pastor at Bethlehem Church/Winder both grew up in our student ministry.  So proud of them – now out front leading the way!  Also got to see Todd Nichols who is the worship pastor at Mtn. Lake, Todd led worship for me at camp for a few summers while he was a high school student.  You could see God’s hand on each of them in a big way even back then but seeing the men have become makes me so proud to know I had a small part!!!
  • Got to spend some time on Wednesday with another one of my former students, Casey Darnell, who is one of the leading young worship leaders in America.  Casey leads weekly at North Point Community Church and is one of the worship leaders for Catalyst One Day.  As big as Casey has gotten, his head has stayed small while his heart has gotten bigger!  
  • These young guys remind me why ministry is always worth it – the guys coming behind will always carry the ball down the field faster & further than you can carry it yourself!
  • Was able to have lunch with a new buddy, Scott Pederson, the founder of Positive Athlete.  Incredible concept – excited to see it take root here in Atlanta!  This is going to make a mark in our city!
  • Wednesday night was able to speak to 925 at KSU.  Had a blast being with these student athletes seeking hard after the Lord!  Talked about relationships and how to build one’s that will stand the test of time!
  • Our Allatoona Baseball team opened up the 2014 season with two big wins over Newnan (5-2) and LaGrange (2-1).  Proud of my pitchers….14 innings, 1 earned run, 6 hits and 17ks and only 3 walks.  Got to keep working to get better!
  • Wrapped up “Experience God” series at NorthStar!  Gave people the opportunity to sponsor a child through our Global Community Partnerships……all I can say is WOW!!!!  God exceeded our expectations…watching our people be obedient to what God asked them to do was crazy!!  Check back tomorrow to see what happened…..incredible!

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