Five Ways to be used greatly by God

There are certainly more things to be added to this list….but these are a start:

1.  Be aware of God at work around you.  (This requires us taking our eyes off ourselves and putting them on others)

2.  Be obedient in the small things.  (When no one is watching is when our level of trust is truly determined)

3.  Love people more than the pats on the back.  (We all can be seduced by accolades and accomplishments….God left us here however to love people & point them toward Him)

4.  Never stop learning…from God or others.  (Constantly be in the process of delving how amazing God’s love is for you and be in relationships with other Christ-Followers so you can continue to see Him at work in others lives)

5.  Stay focused on what really matters and do not allow yourself to get distracted.  (We all lose focus on WHY we here and WHAT God is wanting to do through us.  The more clear the focus, the less of a chance you will get distracted and drift from WHY you are here and WHAT you are called to do & be)






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