Rearview Mirror



  • What a crazy week…..I needed to slow down in a big way and well, guess what, a little ice & a little snow and there you go – the schedule slowed down a ton!  
  • Enjoyed the family…enjoyed the rest… blessed to be stuck at home with people I love!!
  • Got away with Annie for a night and stayed downtown …so good to get away for a day!  So thankful to enjoy life with my favorite person in the world to be with!!  24 years of Valentines together……each one keeps getting better!
  • Dallas White, our NorthStar High School Pastor, spoke for me this morning and knocked it out!  So blessed to serve with such amazing people – you are away and the team seemingly gets stronger!!!  
  • Tuned in & watched the 930 am service streaming live – thankful for our technical NorthStar “MacGyvers” for making that happen (Brad Squires & Chris Gardner)
  • Spoke tonight for the FCA Baseball “Lead-Off” Dinner at NorthStar!!!  5 teams from Region 5 in AAAAAA brought their players….Such an honor to not only to speak to them but to pray over them and their coaches as they start the 2014 season!  Such a great reminder – baseball is what we do, it is not who we are!!  So proud of Coach Chris Stafford from Marietta High for leading the charge and making the night happen!!  Blessed to have been a part!!!
  • Our NSCY team was there serving and showing “God’s love” to the players & coaches that were present!  So proud of them!
  • Prepping tonight for my time tomorrow speaking at Velocity 14…..challenging church-planters on how to see a vision through and finish what you have started!!  Certainly not the smartest guy or the sharpest guy – but after 17 years in same church plant  I have learned that if you stick with it – you can outpace those who don’t stick with it and see it through!  The Survivor principle is so true:  “Outwit, outplay & outlast”……..
  • Began working last week on a campaign that I believe is the next phase of the journey for NorthStar…..cannot wait to unveil!!  Will do a series on it in fall 2014!  God laid it on my heart so clearly……putting the pieces together over the next few months to roll out!
  • Excited to start the 2014 baseball season this week……enjoy so much leaving the office every day and heading to the baseball field and spending 3 1/2 – 4 hours a day out there with the team!!  Love watching hard work pay off!  Baseball teaches so many great lessons!!!



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