Lessons on Leadership from American Idol

One of the things that my family & I have watched together through the years has been American Idol.  However, we found ourselves getting less & less interested over the past few years.  This year – we decided to give it a go and we are back….Here are a few of the things that won us over:

  • Chemistry matters – The judges have incredible chemistry with each other and make watching the show fun again
  • Honest but Kind – There have been contestants that the judges have been very direct with but they do it in a kind way.  
  • Fun sells – Harry Connick Jr brought fun to the show.  He makes us laugh every episode and we look forward to watching to see what he is going to do.
  • Recognize Talent – Though the judges are some of the best in what they do – they spend their time focusing on the talents of the contestants and helping them be their best without just bragging on what they have done.
  • Consistency to the past – Ryan Seacrest has blended the old Idol with the new Idol seamlessly.  He is flawless in what he does and he is consistent night in & night out.  





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    Mike, Max and I have watched AI since its beginning.  For the last 4 years we have gotten less and less interested as we felt the Judges did not set the proper example for the contestants…almost to the point of “verbal abuse”…so thankful those Judges are gone!  This year is a breath of fresh air!  I agree with all the “lessons” you stated.  Thanks for sharing.  Love, June & Max

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