Rearview Mirror

  • What an amazing weekend at NorthStar!!!
  • There is an energy unlike anything that I have ever seen in the history of NStar!
  • Talked about “A crisis of belief”….in our Experience God series.  We talked about that this “crisis” is not a calamity but a decision about what we are going to do when God ask us to move by faith!  We can’t see what’s next but we know that we are supposed to go
  • I have enjoyed so much walking back through the “Experiencing God” book by Henry Blackaby.  So timely in my journey!
  • Newcomers was PACKED yesterday – tons of new couples taking the background tour of NStar!  Exciting!!
  • Yesterday was the Big Give for the Kennesaw Mountain Special Needs Dance – needed 1300 bottles of water and of course our people came through with over 2300 bottles and more cookies than I have ever seen!
  • Finished my great day yesterday with our “Coaches-Couples” small group at our house!  Had 3 new couples join us…So exciting to see these coaches & their spouses who have such a heart for the Lord!!  We now have coaches attending from:  Allatoona, Harrison, North Paulding, McEachern, East Paulding, Kell & North Cobb Christian!  Love it!!!
  • Had breakfast & lunch last week with two “leader of leaders”……..Kevin Scott of the Addo Institute…a young guy on the front lines helping make change happen in our schools!!  Absolutely one of the sharpest young minds out there!  His new book, Eight Essential Exchanges, is a must read for any leader!  I also had lunch with Brian Dodd of the Rocket Company.  Brian has been a friend for many years and is one of the guys that is always on the front edge of what is happening!!  His blog, Brian Dodd on Leadership, was ranked as the #35 most read Christian blog out there!  He is a thinker, leader but more importantly to me a great friend!  Needless to say I left my time with these two guys better than I started!  I so hope that I can be someone else what those guys are for me!!!
  • Back on the baseball field everyday last week… enjoy the time getting our guys ready for the high school season ahead!
  • Of all the great things that happened last week – the highlight was getting to see my girl in the “Wizard of Oz” production at Allatoona!!  Those students worked so hard and it certainly paid off!!  Three sold out shows and a great night for everyone who came!!  So proud of MM and her friends who absolutely knocked it out!!!  Thanks to all of our family and friends who came to support MM….meant the world!!!

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