I’m thankful for…….

Hard to know where to begin when begin & end on this list but here you go……

I’m thankful for……

  • a life in Christ and knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that He is MY personal Lord & Savior!
  • blessing me with not only a wife for life but a person that is my favorite person in the world to be with!  She is up when I am down and the best earthly thing I have in this world!  Love you Anne Linch!
  • two Godly kids!  Casey & Mary-Michal are better people than I could ever dreamed or imagined and God has so many great plans in store for them!  I look back at who I was in High School & College and they are light years past me!  So thankful to watch them grow into who God created them to be!
  • the wonderful home I grew up in!  My mom & dad never put limits on what we could accomplish and truly loved us with an unconditional love!  They lived every day what they said they believed and it marked me more than words ever could!
  • a brother & sister who challenged me always to be my best!!  Now I get to see what amazing spouses/parents they are and how they still love me & my family!!
  • incredible in-laws!!  Cannot imagine my life without Anne’s parents….they are such a model of a great marriage for us & so many others!  
  • NorthStar Church…..absolutely the most selfless loving/giving church in the world!  I believe that our past has been incredible but nothing compared to our future!  Thanks for loving & believing in me for the past 17 years and being the church I would go to even if I didn’t work there!  
  • NorthStar staff team…..getting to work with true pro’s everyday is a blast!  However getting to serve with people who love Jesus with all of their hearts is even better!  I love these amazing people!
  • Allatoona High Football & Baseball teams……so thankful that though my playing days are over – I get to serve alongside these awesome young men on the ballfield and apply not only the things that will make them great players but share the things that can change their eternities!
  • Executive Bible Study small group – for the past 11 years these men have inspired me, challenged me and made me laugh!  One of the highlights of my week is seeing these men grow in their walk with Christ!
  • Coaches & Spouses small group – if people only knew the heart these men have for the teams they lead but also the hearts they have for the Lord – they would be blown away!!  These men & their wives are the real deal!!!  
  • NP Coaches Study – who would have ever dreamed that before school a group of coaches would gather for a bible study…not film, or whatever else is pressing during their season….they gather so they can be the men that God desires them to be!
  • The people who send notes/text/cards to encourage me…..these never get old!  I save them all for those “gloomy” days I need a pick me up!
  • The men who invested and believed in me growing up and spoke words of life into my soul!  Hugh Kirby, Doug Couch & Ike Reighard are heroes of mine to this day!
  • Looking out each Sunday and seeing my best friend growing up and two college roommates from 20+ years ago!  Life-long friends that I am so blessed to have!

That’s it for today……so blessed!  So thankful!  


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