Obstacles – do you have any?

Obstacles are always a part of our life journey.  They may be in our work place, in our homes & marriages or on the athletic field but they stand in between where we are and we are called to do.  Normally they present lots of problems for us and can many times cause us to abandon the dream that we have.  They are large enough to tower over us and make us doubt everything we know to be true. Many times the obstacle stands between us & God and limits our view of His ability to see us through.

Moses has been “called” (like really called, audibly out of a burning bush) to go to Pharaoh and say on behalf of God, “Let my people Go!”.  You would think that once Moses finally mustered up the courage to go and do what God asked him to do that Pharaoh would immediately release the people.  However, Exodus says that “God hardened Pharaoh’s heart” and he said NO.  He not only said no once but he said it over & over.  God told Moses to deliver the plagues (blood, frogs, gnats, livestock, boils, hail, locust, darkness and finally the death of first born child) and Pharaoh’s heart just grew harder & harder before it eventually broke. Moses had a choice each time….do I keep doing what God has told me to do or do I give up and go back to my desert.

His choice with his obstacle was the same we have with ours…are we quitting or are we willing to keep coming after it?  I can promise you this………

  • obstacles will ground you in what you really believe & trust in
  • your obstacle will only be as big as you allow it to be
  • your obstacle will be a great way for God to show His power & strength
  • there would never be a miracle if it did not first begin with an obstacle

Keep fighting….Keep battling….Keep going.…..the breakthrough for your obstacle could be on the next push!!!


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