It’s time

The preparation is over and complete and we have what we need for what’s next.  The time is now here to go do what we have been called to do.  In Exodus 4 we find Moses executing his excuses and then we see God telling Moses that it is time and he needs to go back & deliver his people.  It was time.  Training is over.  Practice is over.  It’s time to do what you have been trained to do.

For you, it may be a dream to chase or just a phone call that you have to make.  Whatever it is, God has equipped you and given you what you need for the moment that you have been called to.  Do you feel ready….probably not – but the God who knows you best has prepared you for this moment!  It’s time.  Remember God shines the brightest when you are just willing to let him work through your weakness.

Moses packed up his family and headed back from the desert to Egypt and things will never be the same!  How about you….are you ready??  It’s time!


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