Ex 3 & 4

The call has finally come from God….Moses is the man that He has:  trained, prepared, called, equipped and now encouraged to be the deliverer of the people out of slavery.  Moses response…….Why me?  Interesting response isn’t it?  God begins to deliver out what the order of events will be and Moses responds with…..excuses.   God lets Moses know – I AM going ahead of you and will take care of everything…..your job – to trust & go!  Moses response…..WHO AM I?  WHY ME?  I love God’s response to Moses….you tell the most powerful man on earth (Pharoah) that the most powerful one there is has sent you on a mission….I AM has sent you!  The problem was not God’s view of Moses, it was Moses view of God and himself.  Our excuses are truly just a picture of our lack of belief in what God can do. 

When we are faced with something that is bigger than us, our excuses will begin to flow naturally.  Why is that……the task in front of us is not only bigger than us…it is bigger than our view of God Himself.  

God is looking for someone….who will take Him at His word….trust in what He says….and do what He has asked them to do!  

God is looking for someone that is BOLD in Him and He will show Himself STRONG in them!

Is that someone you?  


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