Defining Moments in Desert Places

Exodus 3

After experiencing life’s failures and missing God’s timing on when to stop and when to step it is easy to miss what is next.  We can:  lick our wounds, wallow in our sorrow and worry that we are forgotten and will never be used again.  Moses was the guy destined and designed to lead the children of Israel out of slavery but because of his mistake he is now living in the desert for 40 years.  I can’t imagine that Moses ever dreamed his number would be called again.  Surely God had forgotten him and he was to low on the depth chart to even be thought of again.  He has a new life, he has a family and he is tending sheep like he has done every other day for the last 40 years when……

He noticed (key point) a bush on fire and it was not consumed and then the bush spoke……”I will go over and see why the bush does not burn up” and then everything changed.  God’s voice spoke to Moses from the bush and from this point forward Moses life changed!  Moses didn’t completely realize he was ready for the challenge in store but God sure believed he was.  His life experience (successes & failures) had prepared him for this moment and he did not miss it!

Are you ready for your defining moment?  I can’t tell you when it will come but normally it comes when you least expect it!  Bounce back quickly from your failures and be ready when your defining moment comes!!  Don’t pass by….listen out and listen up and see what is next for you!!!  Could be your greatest assignment yet!


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