How to bounce back from failure

Ex. 2:11-28

Moses made a huge mistake and got ahead of God’s timing for his life.  He stepped in to an argument and make a tragic choice killing an Egyptian.  Pharaoh found out and now Moses was gone….for awhile.  God’s ultimate plan to deliver the Hebrews who were serving as slaves for Egypt now seems to be dead.  Moses is in the desert hiding out and beginning a new life for himself……surely licking his wounds from his “failure”.

When any of us step out and do something and fail…….we face a few different options:

  • quit trying
  • stay safe
  • “play to lose and not to win”
  • feel like God will never use us again
  • go inward and make life all about us

The hardest thing to do is to get back out there and try again.  Every instinct in us tells us otherwise but people who make a difference are the ones who are resilient and bounce back quickly.  Moses finds himself in the desert and immediately reaches out and helps some girls  who have been sent away by other shepherds.  The decision helped him settle and find his place in this “temporary learning” home.

God was going to use his failure to help create in him the leader that HE wanted him to be!  He will do the same for you!!  Don’t play to lose – play to win!  The reality is that your failures will shape YOU into who HE created you to be!  Get up….dust off and try again….your future success is just around the corner!




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