Rearview Mirror…..BOLD, losses & baseball

  • Continued our bold series with “bold commitment” yesterday at NStar!
  • Determined that what separates people in life is the word commitment….getting mad or frustrated by something is totally different than the willingness to “do something”!
  • Praying today for our NorthStar family as we “step in the valley” and take on our Giant of debt.  Our goal is not just getting rid of the debt – it is what stands on the other side of the giant as we unleash generosity to a degree that we never have before!!  The thought of 500k a year blessing our community & world is huge!!!! 
  • Anne & I are praying for what my bold commitment needs to be!
  • Another NorthStar family lost their parent this past week…..we have had one every week of the new year.  Breaks my heart for those left behind.  
  • Met the new Harrison Football Coach last week – so excited to have Coach Matt Dickmann and his family as part of our West Cobb Community and a part of NorthStar! So thankful for Coaches who know WHY they do what they do!  Our community has tons of them already….good to add another good one to the mix!
  • High school baseball tryouts at all our local starts today…praying for the coaches who run these programs and the young men who are giving it a shot!!!  A lot of happy & sad boys will be around this coming weekend!
  • Once the Falcons wrapped up – ready for some baseball!  
  • No  matter what 2013 holds in store for us….lets be BOLD!

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