Rearview Mirror…Falcons, Bold, Family, NorthStar


  • Such an honor to spend the night before the NFC Championship game speaking to the Falcons in their pregame chapel….
  • This was my 2nd time with them this year and every time I leave challenged in my walk!  To see a room full of coaches and of players (many of the stars) is so inspiring!  
  • So thankful for Falcons Chaplain, Jason Webster, for his friendship and for allowing me to part of their journey as a team this year!
  • They came up a little short in the game but these men will not be coming up short in life…they are winners on & off the field to me!


  • We just finished the 3rd week in our BOLD series at NorthStar!  I know our people are facing tons of giants in their own journey…praying that learning about David’s (Bold Vision, Bold Faith & Bold God) will inspire them to face up to them!
  • We have to turn our back on fear to be bold!
  • We have to keep God in our view or our obstacles will “appear” to be too big!  
  • This coming Sunday will be the key day in our series….praying for our people as they make BOLD commitments for the next 3 years to help us get rid of the giant that is standing in our way….DEBT.  We are taking on the 6.8 million dollar giant – why…on the other side is generosity to a degree that we have never experienced!!  I can’t sleep when thinking about investing over 500k a year into our community & our world instead of giving it to the bank!  


  • Mary-Michal is starting her play practice for the “Hello Dolly Musical” about to take place at Allatoona.  I know she will do great!!  It is her first time “on stage”!!  Proud of her!
  • Great having Casey back home.  Liberty U didn’t seem to be a fit….enjoying KSU
  • Hard to believe that Anne & I have been married 21 years…enjoy her more now than I ever have!  So thankful for her in my life!
  • We are blessed!  


  • Got to start a coaches bible study at North Paulding High last week….looking forward to the journey through Nehemiah with these men
  • Had a great time speaking to the NPHS basketball team as well….Coach Dyer their coach is doing such a great job with these guys!
  • Been a tough year for some of our NStar families losing their parents…..will be doing my third funeral coming up for them.  Always pray that God uses that time to encourage!
  • 2013 is off to a great start!!  Can’t wait to see all that is in store!!  

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