Rearview Mirror 2012

Here are few lessons I learned in 2012 looking back in the rearview mirror:

  • God is faithful….. – I have always known this and taught this but through circumstances I would never choose – God proved Himself faithful.  
  • Friends are life-lines……During those times when I wondered where God was and His faithfulness could not be seen – those friends became Jesus for me “with skin on” and were a life-line for me
  • Life moves fast…..our oldest who welcomed into the world in 1994 graduated from High School….moved off to college 8 hours away and as we drove home from Liberty (VA) after leaving him – we drove home wondering where in the world 18 years went.  We came home to a 15 year old who has her learners driving permit and is a sophomore….wish time would slow down…
  • 21 years…….celebrated 21 years of marriage to the greatest woman in the world!  If I could choose dinner with the most famous person in the world or a night at home with Annie….I would choose her everytime!  
  • Life is played out on the field….athletics teaches us the greatest lessons:  how to win, how to lose, how to handle failure, how to work as a team, the power of a goal, chemistry trumps talent, chemistry & talent is unstoppable, everyone needs coaching…saw both baseball & football at Allatoona make it once again to the Elite 8…
  • Everyday is special……we all know tomorrow is not promised – but many times we forget and act everyone special in our life will be “here”..on earth forever…truth is, things can change on a dime.  Tell the people around you that you love them as much as you can and nothing is worth losing a relationship over….everyday is a gift!  Open & use it wisely!

I am blessed beyond measure! 


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