Rearview Mirror

  • Great mothers day service at NorthStar…really wet outside but a ton of energy inside!   Our “Wonder Years” series tied in great with the message “Put Others First”
  • I was so blessed to have had an incredible mom growing up and now to have a wife who is an amazing mom to our kids!!  My life has been so blessed!
  • Life is getting pretty crazy around our house with the school year wrapping up!  It is a bit surreal actually….planning graduation parties, senior dinners etc…..Hard to believe that I have one that is old enough to be going through this!  Seems like yesterday that he was just starting kindergarten.
  • The Allatoona baseball team which got in the playoffs as the #3 seed out of our region is now in the Elite 8 of the state playoffs.  We have seen a walkoff win in the bottom of the 7th with a HR – we saw a win in the 11th inning over the #9 ranked team in America which secured a sweep of them!  It has been a blast to be a part of and watch!!  A magical run to this point….great way for Casey to wrap up his senior year season!
  • As usual, I look back over the past few months, which have been some of the craziest of my life, and I see the faithfulness of God!  
Life always makes more sense looking back in the rearview mirror than it does from the front windshield!

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