How to handle being on the bench in life – overview

This week in our athletes bible study we once again continued in our study of the life of Joseph.  Now in prison, for a crime he did not commit, Joseph finds himself in a place to help two guys who are also there.  They need their dream interpreted and Joseph, having this skill in his tool bag, is ready for the task.  Since these men are from a prominent place, he ask only that they remember him when they get back.  (Gen 40:1-22).  One of these guys lost his life, which led to him being unable to pass on the news but the other one was right back at the top and he…….forgot.  Joseph once again had to wait on his time to shine…….

What do we do during those times?  How do we handle being overlooked?

We have to figure it out because there are times it happens in sports and it sure happens in life!

This week we will take a look at a few thoughts that may help us handle it a little better!!!!


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