How to handle tough situations….part 5

Joseph found himself in more hot water that he did not cause…in fact he had done everything right. Potiphar’s wife is now accusing him and he is banished to prison (Gen 39:21-23) What do great leaders & athletes do when faced with these things?

Your tough times are not about you…they are about you one day helping others get through their situation.

Rick Warren nailed it in his best selling book The Purpose Driven Life when he started chapter 1 by saying “it’s not about you”.  Why is that important to remember when we are middle of a tough time?  It is good to remind ourselves that our lives count and are used to help others…our tough times are never wasted!

I think of the toughest things I have walked through in life and on the field and it feels so good to be able to share my experiences both good and bad to help others know that they can get through their tough time!  When you & I can reach the place that life is not about us, we become better teammates, leaders, friends & people!

God will get you what you are going through to help someone coming behind you to get through what they are going through!!  So don’t live in isolation, share your journey with someone!!!


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