Making the most of tough situations….part 4

Joseph found himself in more hot water that he did not cause…in fact he had done everything right. Potiphar’s wife is now accusing him and he is banished to prison (Gen 39:21-23) What do great leaders & athletes do when faced with these things?

Expect that in the toughest times of your life, God will do His greatest work!  Why is that…we are most ready to learn when we find ourselves in a “slump”.  When times are good, we feel like we have everything under control but when we hit the skids, we tend to look around & learn the most.   God uses these situations to teach us lessons that we will struggle to learn any other way and in any other place.

I know you want out of where you are at when it is tough (I know that is how I am) but while you are there turn your questions from WHY am I here to WHAT is it I need to learn?  That change of perspective will help your attitude to stay in check!!

How are you doing?


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