How to handle tough situations….part 3

Joseph found himself in more hot water that he did not cause…in fact he had done everything right. Potiphar’s wife is now accusing him and he is banished to prison (Gen 39:21-23) What do great leaders & athletes do when faced with these things?

Remember that all of your past experiences are preparing you for what you are now facing.  God has an amazing way of weaving the events & stories of our lives to get us through our next steps!  Just as a quarterback on a field uses his experiences from practice, the film room and prior games……we go back into memory bank of God’s faithfulness before in seeing us through.  Maybe we look back at one of our experiences or we recall stories of His faithfulness from scripture…or what He has done for someone else….either way – He uses our past to see us through our present.  The great bible teacher & pastor Ron Dunn used to say, “He never waste time and He never waste our experiences”.

I was meeting with a group of coaches recently and we were talking about journaling.  Most guys struggle when it comes to writing things down.  Why is it helpful….in the tough times, the dark times, we have something to remind us off how He came through before and maybe even lessons we learned while going through something.  If we don’t write it down, what do we do….we tend to forget it!

No matter what you are facing today, you have been prepped and prepared from your past.  Your today’s struggle is getting you ready to get through another one later.  Just keep walking – your story isn’t finished!!


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