Making the most of tough situations

Joseph found himself in more hot water that he did not cause…in fact he had done everything right. Potiphar’s wife is now accusing him and he is banished to prison (Gen 39:21-23) What do great leaders & athletes do when faced with these things?
Over the next few days – we will break these down day by day….
1. Know in advance, tough situations are a part of life. Some of these situations you will cause, some will be caused by others and others are out of everyone’s control. Game planning in advance your response to these challenges is huge. We never get the luxury in life of getting notice of tough times coming….so prepare for them! Don’t let yourself get bitter…feel picked on…feel forgotten….dive in to it and keep making wise decisions while in the tough situation. Many times when we are caught off guard, our decisions become reactionary and are sometimes not good one’s!

Great teams prepare for every conceivable scenario. The goal is that when the challenge presents itself on the field in the heat of the moment, you have already rehearsed how to come through. Great leaders play out scenarios and determine in advance how to handle things!

No matter how great you are at you do, tough times are coming! Will they cause you to get…frustrated, angry, shut down…or to get better? Just like Joseph, you hold the keys to how you handle!


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